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Title: Taking Back The Hand Of Clock (Episode 1 )
Post by: johnwell on October 08, 2016, 02:03:35 am
Taking Back The Hand Of Clock (Episode 1 )
 Exclusive to:  All Diploma Students Room @ JohnWell Forum
" If only We could take a turn back the hand of Clock; there are lots of choices we made in the past that we wish we never made.
I live to remember my dad last dying words
" The choices we make today determine our chances of tomorrow"
My name is Adaeze, the first and only daughter of my immediate family (Late Chief Akpabio of Umaze  land ) original names withheld. This time last year, I was seated like you are seated today, listening to the same lecture as you are today and  preparing for the same exam as you are today.
I would like to start by taking you back to the beginning of time;
I graduated as the Head Girl and the best student Over all from my secondary school. This made my mum so happy but quite unfortunately I didn't make it  to study my prefered course which is Medecine and Surgery due to two marks deficiency
My mum didnt want me to sit at home for a year with the fear that am a lady that I may not mingle with others who didnt make it at the first year to University and she also feared that I will end up depreciating academically she has this mentality that any one who retakes an exam has all possible chances of doing worse than the first time.
Therefore My mum took  Diploma form for me despite the struggle we are facing since the passing away of Papa. You guessed right I put in all my best and made sure I passed. It was a revenge of how Jamb "jambed" me lol.
You guessed it right again, my mum was more than happy so also was my extended family that they threw a small party for me, it is not easy to be the first youth in a family to make it to University.
REFLECTION: Can you remember that moment you realised you made it to Diploma. What a joy that filled your heart, being picked among thousands of people who wrote the entrance exam.
Exclusive to:  All Diploma Students Room @ JohnWell Forum
Next week Friday at Episode 2 I will be telling about my class as at last year and some tips about lecturers. Till  then take care.