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Dimensions & Units


*Part 1 of 5:*
There are 2 distinct division of units:
1⃣ fundamental and derived
2⃣ scalar and vector

*Fundamental units:* are the units by which other units are derived from
For example: metres, c, Fahrenheit(F), Kelvin (K), second (s), litres (L) etc...

*Derived units:* the combination of more than one fundamental units forms derived unit.
For example: m, kgm/s( unit for force), kgm/s( unit for energy, work done and torque)
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*Part 2 of 5:*
*Scalar quantities:*
Are those quantities that has magnitude but no direction.
For example: distance, speed, temperature, work done, energy,

*Vector quantity:* are quantities that has both magnitude and direction. For example: displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, torque and so on.
*part 3 of 5*
There are three major quantities that are used in dimensioning. They are Mass (M) , Length (L) and Time (T)
For example:
Force: kgm/s
Energy: Kgm/s
Power: energy/time
Kgm/s= ML/T


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