jesusbaby says: Hi I left you lots of material to download from. God bless

ade says: I'm 22 and am studying in my third year in university. At home I procrastinate a lot and have very poor self discipline, I think mostly because I got good grades (best of my year actually) in Secondary school without ever studying. So I never learned how to study properly.

In university I just managed to get through, but I waste way too much time on the computer when I should study for exams (Facebook and gaming mostly).

I can't discipline myself. I tried coldturkey for reddit, putting limits on myself, tried to reward myself after getting stuff done, etc., but it failed.

Now at this point I'm starting to get really scared that I might not make it through.

Is/was anyone else in that situation? I don't feel I lack motivation, I like my courses, but I need to get disciplined.